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  • Ak-Pres
  • Ak-Pres is able to meet the customer needs thanks to its powerful test equipments.
  • Our company pays particular importance on R&D studies that is progressing continiously.
  • We are taking confident steps towards our future targets.
  • As Ak-Pres, we take the necessary precautions for environmental protection.
  • Wards are rewarded to our company on each passing day by virtue of its successes in the sector.
  • Ak-Pres

Environmental Policy

Quality Policy
Quality Management System
Environmental Policy
Environment management System
As Data Group we know that the nature is entrusted to us by the future generations. Parallel with this, ISO 14001 Environmental management System is installed at Toksan factory and taken in operation effectively.

At all our activity fields, we undertake to,
-  Meet and go beyond the requirements of the related legislations on environment
-  To reduce our wastes by preventing pollution at its source;
-To increase recycling and recuperation at the design phase, to optimize the natural sources,
- To make all stakeholders aware about environment and to encourage;
- Toe establish and apply emergency case activity plans against environmental risks,
-  To improve the environment management system2s performance on continuous basis.