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  • Ak-Pres
  • Ak-Pres is able to meet the customer needs thanks to its powerful test equipments.
  • Our company pays particular importance on R&D studies that is progressing continiously.
  • We are taking confident steps towards our future targets.
  • As Ak-Pres, we take the necessary precautions for environmental protection.
  • Wards are rewarded to our company on each passing day by virtue of its successes in the sector.
  • Ak-Pres

Environment Management System

Quality Policy
Quality Management System
Environmental Policy
Environment management System
Sustainability concept continues to be assigned importance in our temporary lives. Today, when the natural sources are consumed up rapidly, the pollution is increasing everyday, biological varieties are becoming distinct, we still want to inherit a livable world to the coming generations. As the sub-industry of automotive we are fulfilling the responsibilities on our part by fulfilling the requirements of ISO 14001 standard.