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  • Ak-Pres
  • Ak-Pres is able to meet the customer needs thanks to its powerful test equipments.
  • Our company pays particular importance on R&D studies that is progressing continiously.
  • We are taking confident steps towards our future targets.
  • As Ak-Pres, we take the necessary precautions for environmental protection.
  • Wards are rewarded to our company on each passing day by virtue of its successes in the sector.
  • Ak-Pres

Test Equipment

General View
Test Equipment


Universal Traction Machine (UTM)
- Maximum Load: 5 Tons
- Test Speed Control Range:: 0.1 m/min ~ 30 m/min
- Test Information Digital Display
Hardness Test
- Rockwell Hardness Test
- HRC, HRB Outputs
Constant temperature & Humidity Test
- Continuous Cycle Test Function
- Test temperature range: -40℃ ~ 100℃
Fatigue Test
- Special Test System for each product
- Test temperature Range: -40℃ ~ 100℃
Salt Spay Test
- Test Temperature: 0~35℃
- Spraying with air nozzle
- Ph, Salt level Digital View Function
3D Measurement
- 1500x850x850 mm capacity
- Real Time 3D CAD Interaction
We have performance test equipments specific for the products